presented by Sig Mann

Sig has sent us another carving from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.  This is a male cardinal carved from Tupelo and finished with acrylics.



presented by Sig Mann

Sig lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and has sent carvings before.  This one is done in Tupelo, finished with acrylics.



presented by Will Hayden

Will Hayden lives in Vancouver, WA and has sent us his latest caricature carvings to enjoy.



"Бег"        "RUN"

presented by Fedor Ballakh

This relief carving is also from Russia.  It is 53x83x4 cm.  Mr. Ballakh did not say what type of wood these pieces are carved in but says he likes to work with different types.


presented by Bill Underwood

Another carving from Bill Underwood from New York.  The wren is also carved as a solid piece from Basswood.  Bill has been carving about 10 years and likes doing birds, fish & animals.



presented by Stewart Biddle 

This is a commissioned carving of a Bull Trout, 25 inches long and carved in Aspen.  It was caught in Eastern Washington


"Missing Lunch" woodcarving by Jim Lynes  


presented by J.J. Lynes

This carving was commissioned for a cabin in Wisconsin.  The carver cut Wisconsin White Pine into planks, planed it, laminated, and glued it in order to carve this large bear.  The system used created a lighter form for this large carving.  It is life size and hangs attached to an overhanging hemlock log.  Unfortunately, the bear missed both swipes at the fish with his paws.  Lynes sent this image from Mauston, WI



presented by Will Hayden

Another great caricature from Vancouver, WA carved by Will Hayden

"Hobo Caricature" woodcarving by Will Hayden
"The Old West" woodcarving by Brian Neufeld "THE OLD WEST"

presented by Brian Neufeld

Brian sent this from Saskatoon, Canada.  It is carved in 2 inch White Birch and finished with sanding sealer and wax




presented by Vladimir Rusinov

Vladimir sends consistently beautiful work.  This carving is done in Walnut and is 56см х 40см х 9см. It is based on a fresco called "Battle of Anghiari" attempted by Leonardo Da Vinci which failed disastrously.  A painting was later done by Rubens called Battle of the Standard based on an engraving done by Lorenzo from information on Da Vinci's fresco.  Vladimir sends this from the Ukraine

"Dedication to Rubens" woodcarving by Vladimir Rusinov
"Honey for Sale" woodcarving by Sarfaraz Hasan "KAUF HEIMISCHEN HONIG"

presented by Sarfaraz Hasan

This fine carving arrived from a carver in Saharanpur, India.  It was carved for a business in Germany and the literal English translation means "Local Honey for sale by the Beekeeper".  Mr. Sayeed assisted with this  entry.


presented by Gordon Deyoung

Gordon lives in Grants Pass, OR and sent us this fine carving.  It is finished with a poly based sealer and is 18"x26".

"Owl" woodcarving by Gordon deyoung
"Kestrel w/Gartersnake" woodcarving by Sig Mann "KESTREL WITH GARTERSNAKE"

presented by Sig Mann

Sig lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and has sent carvings before.  This one is done in Tupelo, the gartersnake was done in 3 sections, the base is Walnut and it is all painted with acrylics.


presented by Jim Davis

This is another carving from Northern California.  Jim carves his figures using the roots of the tree and turning it upside down.  This shows the piece of Redwood from which he carved the Eagle.


"Redwood Eagle" woodcarving by Jim Davis 
"Portrait of the Dead Christ after Michelangelo" woodcarving by Martin Bezzina Wettinger "PORTRAIT OF THE DEAD CHRIST AFTER MICHELANGELO"

presented by Martin Bezzina Wettinger

This carving in Basswood was sent from the Island of Malta.  Mr. Wettinger has been carving for 10 years. 


presented by James Barr

This is a second carving sent by James Barr, an experienced carver who displays in Branson, Mo. This is carved in Catalpa, stained but left natural, and is 8x8x32 inches tall


"Rare Breed" woodcarving by James Barr
"Entwined" woodcarving by Andrew Edhouse "ENTWINED'

presented by Andrew Edhouse

Andrew is a 36 yr. old novice carver from Australia.  He carved this piece from Australian Redwood using a chain saw for the beginning and finishing with hand tools.  His carvings are quite large and feature dolphins and other sea life.  Enjoy..



presented by Lena (Maria) Hansson

Lena sent us this cherubic sculpture from Sweden.  It is carved in Limewood, known as Basswood in the US


"Angel" woodcarving by Lena Hansson

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